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web site design, programming and database with php, cold fusion and asp e-commerce technologies

"We don't just build your website, we build your business."



CRM is transformed into eCRM with IDG and RustyBrick

With Informed Decisions Group, Inc., a customer relationship management, customer knowledge building, information technology strategy, and general statistical analytical services firm. Check them out today!

FreshPair is now fully running

The public beta was a sucess! is reaching record hits on it's site. So check it out.

Need a Fresh Pair of Undies?

RustyBrick and FreshPair put into public beta today. Freshpair has everything from bras to panties to pajamas. Check it out now!

Pitney Bowes to Showcase PostInsight at National Postal Forum

The company will offer a special preview of - an online knowledge base devoted to news and research about global postal trends and industry issues. Click Here to enter the site.
09.08.2000 is the "Killer App" of Online Promotional Systems

KingLogo <> reached it's public beta status today after over 6 months in development. The site sports a slick interface. It allows for all aspects of ordering promotional items to be done online - efficiently and flawlessly.

914 -> 845

Our area code has changed from 914 to 845. 914 will still work until the end of the year. After that, RustyBrick and the rest of Rockland county will switch over to 845.

Find Jennifer by Zip Code

RustyBrick provided Jennifer Convertibles with a zip code showroom finder feature on their site. The software will find the closest locations around your zip code. Also added were mapping and driving directions features.

B2B Office Supplies

RustyBrick was contracted by to add Business to Business e-Commerce capabilities to Office Zone's brick and mortar establishment.

Leadership Intranet

Pitney Bowes, Inc. contracted RustyBrick for the development of a Leadership Intranet site. The site will provide employees with tools and information to be effective leaders.

Happy Presidents Day!

RustyBrick and Jennifer Convertibles, Inc. released the long awaited Jennifer 2000 site. New features include an elaborate online showroom and current sales circular.

The site can be reached at:


RustyBrick develops an e-commerce package for, quick, easy and safe online ordering. Some of the best deals on promotional items for your company, they won't take the shirt off your back! Coming Soon to a screen near you.

Live One-on-One Technical Support

RustyBrick would like to announce One-on-One Technical Support with services provided by

If an icon appears on the very bottom of the page stating "Chat Now," you will be able to talk live with a customer service representative who will be able to answer your questions.

The Learning Connection

Check the Learning Connection out at: