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  • Web Development
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  • Web Development

    RustyBrick has created Internet and Intranet sites for many types of businesses. As you look through our portfolio, you will notice that each web site was made unique, so that it can best serve the business and its customers. Our designers start from a blank page and create a masterpiece.

    We at RustyBrick are fluent in all major web languages. What worries businesses the most: "How will I maintain my web site?" RustyBrick makes your site worry free with its self-administration secure back-ends. If you do not want to spend your money fixing up your page monthly, we can develop your web site in a smart and cost efficient way by letting you maintain it with our custom self-maintenance modules.

    As with e-commerce web sites our e-commerce solutions are built uniquely for the customer. We research the target audience for the projected site and handcraft a simple and easy to navigate e-commerce package. We offer Secure Socket Layer (SSL) servers for online transactions, online credit card processing, and a completely self-maintainable online shopping cart system. You can Add, Delete and Edit inventory on the fly. You can also give customers a place to track their purchases. With RustyBrick's custom e-commerce development the possibilities are endless. Please check out some of our live e-commerce web sites at our portfolio or click here for our online e-commerce demonstration.

    Hosting Services

    RustyBrick also offers hosting services. Providing its customers with High Quality & Reliable Virtual Web Hosting via Dedicated Multiple Network Operation Centers in Georgia, Virginia, and California. Having the equivalent of over 300 T-3 connections to different Internet backbones.

    Our Network is maintained 24 hours a day. We give a 99% uptime guarantee and offer a 24 hour emergency response hotline.

    RustyBrick offers hosting packages starting at $19.95 with NO TRAFFIC FEES on our High Speed Connections. Our goal is to provide a quality and reliable way for you to set up your Web Presence. Our staff is dedicated to providing the very best of what a hassle free web server should be. Contact us regarding our hosting services today!


    RustyBrick has a product in the market that became a big hit, MyZipover 20,000 people downloaded the program named MyZip in under a month. We expect many more customers to download MyZip in the future. What is MyZip? MyZip prints labels for the jewel case of a Zip Disk. The main goal of a Zip Disk is for it to be used over and over again. This makes changing the label expensive and time consuming. MyZip changes all of that! With it, users can print on plain paper, color or black and white. This makes MyZip the affordable price.